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No. 11 道歉信(2008年真题)

Dear Bob,

     I am very sorry for my careless mistake that take your music CD when I unpeck my luggage after my return from Canada, I notice that I accidentally took your music CD with me. I didnt realize that until I came back from Canada and unpacked my luggage. I feel terribly sorry.

    To make up for my carelessness, I have mailed the CD through the EMS. And I buy your favorite star Groove Coverge’s
Coverage’s CD published now recently, in addition ,some native snack of my hometown is accompanied I also send some snack of my hometown, including your favorite moon cakes.
     Here is my deepest apology for the mistake I made .Please accept my sincere apology.

                                           Yours Sinecerly





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No. 12 道歉信

Dear Friends,

     I deeply regret that I added a visit to the Summer Palace into your visiting schedule without your permission. I didt didnt realize that I had made a large huge mistake until my teacher told me.
Now it is too late to modify it. I want to let you know about my university much better. However, as the receptionist, I should not have consider considered the culture of French. I feel a deep sense of shame when I think about my in considerate inconsiderate behavior. Please believe me that I had no intention of disturbing your private life. To make up for my mistake, I will want to invite you to have a big meal dinner in our school. I feel extremely sorry and hope you can forgive me. Hopefully, I can hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Li Ming



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No. 13 道歉信 2008年真题

Dear Bob

     It’s so kind of you to invite me to Canada for a month. By the time I arrived at my home, I find found that the music CD borrowed from you is was left in my luggage. I feel so sorry about it. So, so I give you my solution to correct my faults fault.

     I can send this CD to you by mail. Luckily, I have got your address, telephone number and code. To insure your place’s information right confirm your information, you can also send an e-mail with the details to me, so the CD can reach.

     Please inform me as soon as you receive your CD. At last, I have to say sorry to you again, for the trouble I make.


Li Ming



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No. 14 道歉信

Dera Dear Vincent,

    I am writing to apologize for having losted lost the valuablae valuable book you were so kind to lend me lent to me last week.I read it evry every day and intented intended to finish it next week, but now, it is nowhere bo be finded there is no way to find the book.

     Now something must be done to solve the problem because I undenstang know you cherish the that book enormously. The first option is I can buy a new book and send it to you by express mail as soon as possible. Or if you do not mind, I may would like to compensate you at a reason reasonable price.

     Pleaes Please let me know which solutiong solution you prefer at you earliest convenience. I hope you will accept my sincere apolgy apology.

Your Sincerely,

Li Ming



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